This is easier said than done, a lot of people are so obsess with weight that they forgot that being healthy is what matter most, being able to walk up the staircase without huffing and puffing on the first 10 steps up, lift stuff of the floor or put it on shelves without getting injuries,the feeling of being energetic and happy. We human tend to forget this..sad.

When we get healthier and stronger,we become so obsess about our weight. How many KG have we lost? Without considering some of the daily challenges we go through, even if it’s mean we only started training like 1 month ago. We overlooked all the small changes we have made to our body because we are so obsess with the number on the weighing scale. We weight our self everyday to see if there is improvement and when we don’t we become so obsess of not wanting to eat,go on crash diet,not wanting to rest and keep pushing oneself too hard and at the end we get demotivated! And once again the phrase ” I QUIT, THIS IS NONSENSE,USELESS, WHY DO I TORTURE MYSELF AND EVEN BOTHER WITH THIS?” Comes in play…

Warriors, the weighing scale is not your best friend.. it is actually your ENEMY! Weighing machine doesn’t know how much or how hard you have work, it doesn’t understand that muscle is 6 TIMES heavier than fats, it didn’t see how much you sweat, energy and dedication you have put it to your fitness regime, it just reads numbers and only that. If you are one of the person who is obsess with weighing your weight everyday..i say STOP! Why are you demotivating yourself?

Instead of checking and being obsess with NUMBERS…why don’t reflect on how far have you come with your fitness journey? How easy is it now to walk up and down the staircase without feeling like you need an oxygen tank? How well your dresses or jeans fits and how it feels? The compliments you getting? How much energy you have throughout the day without feeling sluggish or hunch down like Quasimodo by noon time?

This small changes in your daily life is way more important to be recognized than the numbers because when you do, this will be your biggest motivator and will lead you to achieved your goal in long run..

Don’t go in circle… don’t you feel tired of running in circle already? Wanting to be fit and then stop and then start again..and stop again.. start again and stop again..even typing “start and stop’ phrase drains my energy and if you are addicted weighing yourself everyday , may i suggest the method below??  100% happiness guaranteed! 😀

yes i've lost weight

Yes…J’ai Maigri means : Yes, i’ve lost weight! in French

Joke aside- Be positive, be patience, be calm and be forgiving to yourself. When you don’t see the result you want, that doesn’t mean you will never be able to achieve it.. you just got to be persistent and DON’T GIVE UP!

Remember….Fitness is not a destination, it’s a journey…