Packing your bag blindly to Singapore for Nike Women Project was something that i do not know how to describe. Normally Nike would give me the itinerary of the event before hand.. but this time around.. no itinerary, no idea what am i going into or what am i suppose to do..the only instruction that was given to me was… my attire that i need to pack!


Yup… that was it.. with that i am off to Singapore!

So our first surprise as soon as we arrived in SG..


A necklace that we suppose to wear everyday.. a chain with key and our initial and round pendant. #betterforit was the theme for this trip…


After getting that, we were sent to a “secret location’ for our next surprise….we get to meet the first Singaporean women to conquer MOUNT EVEREST! There were 5 o them… Their story is so inspiring! They are so courageous, determine, brave, fun and funny! Now i know, climbing mount Everest is not 1 week kinda affair but months to years..they took 5 years! Crazy!! Imagine that!

After all that inspiring talk..we were now asked to move to the next room for our next surprise!

12     10   11

Remember my necklace? This is the reason for it..we have to unlock our locker everyday for our everyday messages and surprise…to be honest, when i opened this locker..i chocked up a lil.. the message that was written in it for some reason really pull that tear button in me.. hahaha…


I really felt appreciated..i have no idea who is “P” but “P” made my day..

Next up, we were sent to an indoor stadium…

I am reminded that day that everyone is a winner matter how slow your progressions are…no matter how tough the journey is u get up n keep going..

If you know me well.. I dislike running.. Running is my weakness ..But we were pushed today to run 30mins at an indoor track.. The first few mins was easy..when i reached the 15mins mind was telling me to quit.. So many voices in my head telling me: You don’t like running…there was no music to push u..just quit! But as i look at my teammate running and pushing themselves.. I told myself you can do this they are running too..everyone is battling their own demon inside..what makes u so special and allow yourself to quit?

The next thing i know..i hear the nike team cheering for me at the finishing line..i made it! I finish my run!

You know how it feels like? Crazy awesome! I forgot my legs was sore..i forgot that i almost quit ..

That day i went home as a winner..there isn’t any medal or trophy to mark my winning..but in my heart.. i was a winner! Awesome feeling to be honest! This is my #betterforit moment.. i pushed myself even when i thought i can’t!


We were up real early on day 2..6am! Again, we still do not know what is gonna happen ..what is the agenda for the day..we just got to trust Nike.

As soon as we reached our destination, we were greeted with another round of running drills..OMG! i was like..not again..hahahah

I managed to finish the first round of drill.. but luck was not on my side..i pulled my back nerve while doing all of the task… which mean  i am out from all activity after that..i missed the second and third session of the day! BOHOO!!

Our second session was a workout with our very own NTC GLOBAL MASTER TRAINER Marie Purvis! WOHOO!!


And the next session was to SENTOSA ISLAND THEME PARK! What a bummer that i have to miss this one out!

21     22    25

Next up. AIRMAX themed Party !


My surprise AIRMAX shoe…

Photo 21-10-15 8 34 49 pm    28

We have our own AIRMAX shoe to paint! That’s my creation! So colorful,.LOL!

Photo 21-10-15 7 48 48 pm

Everyone busy colouring!

Photo 21-10-15 8 48 13 pm

Team POWER! The winning team of the night! we were given 2 throwdowns for the night..a dance off and a walk off..

26 27

Decoration around the room… how cool is that?

DAY 3 

After all the fun we had yesterday, it’s time to wind down..this is also the last day for all of us to be together…

We start our day at 10am..with non other than our Global Nike NTC Master Trainer : Marie Purvis.. much needed stretch to be honest..the room was filled with us  going…Ohhh..ahhhh…ouch! HAHAHAH! yes, we were all sore from the intense workout day before!


.1   5

Unfortunately, that was the end for me..i had to leave early for work in KL.. i missed the evening event…the rest of my team get to meet the mysterious “P”…i was green with envy..but what to do la.. commitment needs to be here is what happen after i left..



The girls had lunch and cooking lesson with Petra Kvitova! Our Mysterious “P”


LOL! Sara and her Seaweed…i would have enjoyed this session… i love cooking and always looking for ways to try new recipe…

Towards the end of the session each and everyone of us got a personal message from someone special back home.. our country manager actually took the time to call our special someone and asked them to write a message for us…i got mine from my best friend.. unfortunately, because i left early..i didn’t get to read the message or see the card.. how sad! BOHOO!

I hope my Country Manager have kept it for me and will be able to read it soon…

That was my journey in SG for 3 days.. i have not only gained experience,made new friends but i also gained confident,learned to believe in myself and understood that the limit that i always thought was there was just in my head…and if i could just see beyond that..i can achieve anything i set my mind with!

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Picture credit : Nigel and Shavonne