March 2014 was the month that i received the call from NIKE, Malaysia.

To be told that i would visit and train at Nike Campus in Portland, Oregon for the GLOBAL NIKE NTC MASTER TRAINING and  that  i am the first and one and only in Malaysia to be  chosen for this heart almost jumped out of my throat! I was over the moon, sun,stars…..ecstatic, nervous, curious…i was all over the place… LOL!

July came.. the day that i was sent to Portland. I was having butterflies everywhere in my tummy… I do not know what is to come for me in Portland. Will i be able to deliver what i need to deliver? What’s in store for me.. my imagination was running wild (Typical Emelda). After a day and half in airplane-  tired body,cracked lips, dehydrated, sleep deprive and Jet lag…we arrived at Portland on sunday morning..Wohoo!

This is where all the excitement begins! Loads of workout, sexy strong ladies from all over the globe get together…

My first surprise: our huge cosy room!


And in true to Nike culture, OUR PRIORITY IS OUR ATHLETES , our bed was decorated with our NIKE TRAINING GEARS! I felt like a queen!


The next day…6am..we were already at the field..


Doing Burpees, lunges, ski jumpes.. you name it..we did it!

ntc3 ntc1 ntc16

After all that huffing, puffing and sweating.. it was time for the theory training  by the US master trainers and going through presentation by the Nike team.

Sorry, no pic here… basically this is what’s to come to all of you out there this we can’t show it. SECRETS!! 😀 We ended our day at 6pm that day.

The next day routine was the same.. we were again at the field at 6:30am..this time, we were challenged with fitness test. A very fun fitness test i must say.. (Again , sorry no pic allowed during the test)

The day ended pretty early for us the second day.. and we were treated with  BASEBALL GAME !


And right after that.. we head over to the NIKE EMPLOYEES STORE!

It’s a privileged to be here.. this store only allow their Nike employees or their guest to come and shop. Can you imagine the excitement??You want to see chaos?? Tell almost 100 ladies..all in sport gears… nike store offers 50% discount  on all items store wide and they only have 2 hours to shop……MADNESS!! We were all rushing…LOL!

All in all.. i had a good learning experience during trip. Made new friends around the globe, had an amazing training sessions and definitely learned a lot more new stuff.

This was my first journey with NIKE as their NTC Master Trainer for Malaysia.


Below pic: The two lucky S.E.A Master trainer Laila from Jakarta and me together with Marie Purvis, NTC Global Master Trainer!


Thank you NIKE Team (Marie, Siva and Yik) for believing in me and giving me this opportunity. By far, this is the best working opportunity given to me. Being a Master Trainer was one of my career goal and I’ve made it!


P/s: NIKE NTC app is available to be downloaded at Google play store for Android user and iphone at App store. CLICK HERE

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Pictures credit to : Siva Shanker.