My second year journey as NTC NIKE Master Trainer (Malaysia)… Once again we were  sent to Nike Headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Day 1- Sunday

We landed pretty early in the morning and since we were free and trying to cope with the different time zone..what is the best way to kill the time??? SHOPPINGGGG… so first destination… NIKE EMPLOYEE STORE and it spells H.E.A.V.E.N! 50% off..which athlete are not in heaven when everything is at discounted price andddddd there is no TAX!! It’s tax free in Portland… YESSSS!

Look at the line going into the store, freaking long! Only employees are allowed in here and their guess.. there is a special invitation pass needed too just to enter this store…  i feel so special knowing that i am here now for the 2nd year…blessed i am!


Shoeeeeeee… If you are shoe addict.. you will go crazy here!


My trolley is filling up here… LOL!


This is my team: Emerging Market team! This is now at downtown Nike store..apparently Nike Employee Store is not enough..we need to spend more moolah here…LOL!


Downtown Nike store:  it’s amazing inside here… 3 story store for you… Women, Men and kids..GAH!


NIKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’s……everything is in this store!


So, this is what i got myself on day 1 … DAY 1..that’s not even day 2 or 3 yet..GEEZ! I went to Portland with one luggage bag..came back with one extra bag to Malaysia..that’s how much i shopped in Portland! LOL! Oh well, can’t get enough Nike’s in my life…. right?


Day 2- will be continued on the next post…