You can achieve amazing results in short time by doing fitness sessions, but it’s not enough for long term habit changes. For that you need to change your thoughts and behavior too.

It’s quite easy to start making the physical changes but if our identity- how we feel and think about ourselves- our values and beliefs stay the same, the changes are unlikely to last.

Finding your personal motivation, your focus, your reason for setting your goals will make it easier to stick at them.

Here are a few questions and notes that will help you to stick to your fitness journey.

Ask the right questions: write it down and carry it around or stick it somewhere where you can read it often to remind yourself.

  • Why do you want to change?

  • What will you gain if you lose weight and get fit?

  • How will it add value to your life?

  • How often can you expect to commit per week to getting fit?

  • Time bound: by when will you achieve your goal? What is your deadline?

  • Realistic: is your goal vs time frame realistic and achievable?
    Eg. I want to lose 10kg of weights in a month time – NOT REALISTIC!  Vs I want to lose 10kg of weight  in 5 months – REALISTIC!

I hope this small simple guidance will help you kick-start your fitness journey the right way. Remember, it doesn’t just start with wanting a healthy body.. but it also start with a healthy mind.

Getting your loved ones and people around you to support and motivate you along the way helps too! Who knows, you might rub your healthy lifestyle to them too..that’s another added bonus having a partner to motivate and work with you!

Hmm.. talking about that.. i think it’s time for me to drag my partner to the gym too! 😀