Changing our lifestyle, daily habit can be a hard sometimes. Specially when it comes to FITNESS. Everyone want to be fit, everyone want to be thin, slim, gain some muscle mass, be tone etc.. but without some changes to your lifestyle habits, fitness will not come easy and definitely wont see changes.

Being in the fitness industry for 15 years, i have seen so many gym goers last only for few months. They were so committed at the beginning only to lose the enthusiasm few months later and then just ” kapoof” totally from the gym after. Sad facts but its happening.. so today i am here to share some tips hoping that this will help you to stick to your new healthy lifestyle changes.

1- Take one step at a time. Keep it simple, focus on changing 2 things in your daily life for 2 weeks and commit to making it happen. Don’t try to do it overnight and risk not achieving your goals. Remember it’s a lifestyle change and you will need to give it a time.

2- Planning and preparation are the keys to getting the result you want, so make enough time each week to introduce changes.

3- Be kind to yourself. If you fail to achieve the goal for the week, tell yourself it’s ok and keep going. Look at how far you have come from the first day you started…be positive and celebrate your achievement.

4- Make yourself accountable. Find your personal motivation, your focus, your reason for setting your goals this will make it easier for you to stick to them.

5- Put your training head on and go on those training sessions. Make them happen. Embrace the sweat, muscle soreness, huffing and puffing ( crawling maybe part of it too) and believe me you will be ok! Learn to enjoy them because that is when the changes really happen.

6- MUSIC! Find your favourite tune.. get them in your ipod, mp3 player, phone, radio, cd what ever your gadget is and blast them away! I personally find music helps me loads specially on the lazy day of mine..putting on Jessie J, Rihanna, Bon Jovi and some really pumps me up. 😀

7- STICK TO IT AND DON”T GIVE UP! Some days will feel tough but hey let me tell you a secret.. IT’S PERFECTLY NORMAL!! I feel the same too… if you get it ” wrong” for a day, it’s just a day… don’t beat yourself up, just get back on track and stay committed. On the day you get it “right” celebrate and learn from what you do.

Remember, Be kind to yourself, Kick Ass along the way and commit to a stronger, sexier, healthier, happier and fitter new you!