Happily, we are not all the same person. We don’t look the same or act the same, some of us are short others are tall, some of us are broad and some of us are narrow. To get to the point, we all have a particular body type. During 1940’s doctor William Sheldon created the use of somatotyping.

Somatotyping : Explains what’s your body type, in particular as it relates to your genetic make – up. In other words, your somatotype is your special body type. Your body type can determine your ability to perform certain tasks, dictate the rate of your metabolism and ability to either gain or lose weight.


Stereotypical ectomorph is a basketball player. Tall and Lean. Find it difficult to gain muscle, lean muscle mass.
Most often,person with this body type is trying to find ways to gain weight for optimal athletic performance and strength and are blessed with having the ability to stay active for long period of time without getting out of breathe!

What you might be doing wrong: Running on the treadmill for far too long! And packing your routine with isolation work or in layman term only doing one muscle work at a time.

What you should be doing: Compound movement! Compound exercises use multiple muscles in unison with each other to perform a certain task, which is ideal for greater strength increases. Also since more muscles are using oxygen and working all at once, it tires a person faster than isolation exercises, which only work a single muscle at a time.

What to eat: Good news! You don’t have to steer away from Carbs! Carbs, protein and fat will support your energy and muscle building.


If you are, you’ll know it from the jealous look! Mesomorph look well build and pack on muscles the instant they pick up a dumbbell! Think Popeye..lift a can of spinach..muscle popping everywhere!! If this sounds like you… you have hit the JACKPOT!

What you might be doing wrong: Mesomorph often won’t train as hard as they can. Over-confidence (boohoo!),Often becomes lazy and apathetic to binge eating and lulls in exercise.

What you should be doing: Timed workouts, this will give mesomorph goals to aim for and raise their workout intensity.Mesomorph will response well to low reps and power moves. Alternatively. interval sprints will pump up the metabolism and strip away fats.

What to eat: Moderate amount of carbs, a gram of protein a day for every pound of body weight. Like everyone else, a sturdy diet and solid exercise is good for mesomorph.


Body types usually rounder, as they tend to store fat easily. The fat stores tend to go into hips and thighs for women and in the abdominal area for men. If you are endomorph, you may find it difficult to lose weight.

What you might be doing wrong: Attacking your weight loss effort through diet alone. Bad eating habit ie: starve yourself and spending hours plodding away on treadmill and doing hundreds of crunches.

What you should be doing: Combine weight training and cardiovascular conditioning work to strip away unwanted body fats for 3 to 4 times a week.

What to eat: You will have to watch what you eat more strictly. Get your carbs from vegetables such as green beans, broccoli, carrots, celery, beets, spinach, cucumbers, bell peppers and tomatoes. Less tarchy food…Try to avoid sport drinks, they’re full of carbs and they’ll spike your blood sugar through the roof.. and oh… ALCOHOL is meant to be forgotten in this case!

Now you know your body type.. let’s work smarter and choose our diet better.