Leap Year Training Run – We run Kl

29th Feb 2016-  Me and team lead an NTC training for the Leap Year Training Run at Jalan Duta, Tennis Court.  75 participants turned up for the event. They started with 2km run before coming into the court and did 30 mins NTC session with us. The Theme for this

NTC Singapore Trip

Packing your bag blindly to Singapore for Nike Women Project was something that i do not know how to describe. Normally Nike would give me the itinerary of the event before hand.. but this time around.. no itinerary, no idea what am i going into or what am i suppose

6 myths about weight lifting

Myth 1:  I don’t want to lift weights, i don’t want to be bulky! Oh this question always drives me up the wall and yet i hear … i want to be tone,lean and fit! “Pengsan” Reality: Even if you train regularly and push yourself to your limit, you won’t