Myth 1:  I don’t want to lift weights, i don’t want to be bulky!

Oh this question always drives me up the wall and yet i hear … i want to be tone,lean and fit! “Pengsan”

Reality: Even if you train regularly and push yourself to your limit, you won’t suddenly sprout huge Muscle! I have been lifting weights, trained 3 times week in the gym since i was 7 years old. Till today,I have not turned into a green hulk!

I only turn green when i’m pms-ing and that’s the truth 😛 


I still have curves and i am still me, Emelda.

aileen and i

Unless,  if you think i am a monster size in the above pic which was taken 1 month ago.. then i have no words to say… 🙁

Oh just in case you wondering why i lift weights at early age.. i was a swimmer, a national swimmer and part of my training routine was strength training that involves lifting weights 3 times a week.

So go lift those weights!

Myth 2: I want six pack, so i do 20000 crunches a day! I want tone arms, so i do only bicep curls..

Reality: Your body cannot spot reduce fat in specific locations. If you have flabby arms or a big stomach, doing thousands of bicep curls and thousands of crunches won’t help.

So don’t waste your time doing only crunches or bicep curls.. start with changing your eating habit and start moving with big compound movements that recruit lots of muscle. IE : Functional training or High Intensity Interval Training method. Your body is genetically predisposed to storing fat in certain locations in a certain order. We are all unique and different in so many ways… When you start to lose weight, your body will lose the fat you currently have in a certain order as well –depending on your personal genetic makeup.

No amount of targeted exercise will change how that fat disappears.

Myth 3: Only cardio workout will make you lose fat.

Reality: Mix and match is the way to lose fat! Do your strength training workout, lift those weight, do your HIIT routine.. don’t just stick to one..

Myth 4: One plan will work for everyone!

Reality: NOPE! Everyone is different. Our genetic make up made differently, the way we react to foods, training, and different stimuli, we react differently. We are all genetically different, have unique characteristics, different lives, preferences, and struggles.

The only way to know what works for you is to TRY IT OUT, and then TRACK YOUR RESULTS.

Myth 5: Men and women should train differently!

Reality: NOOOOOOOOOO!!! There is no specific gender workout.. everyone can train the same! I lift weights too remember? I do dead-lifts, squats, push ups, chest press, bench press, leg press …there is no saying these workout is only for MEN.

Myth 6: Want to lose weight, just eat less!

Reality: Adoi pengsan! Please don’t starve yourself. Kalau lapar, makan! Just choose your food wisely.. eat the right kind of food.. healthy food.. If you want to lose weight, don’t go crazy  eating 5 meals of fast food a day…. itu nahas maksudnya! As long as these calories are composed of the right kinds of food, and this diet is combined with a fun workout that gets your muscles exercising and your heart pumping, you will have success and be successful.

Keep going and keep moving.. Don’t give up!



Featured image Photo credit: Marek Prusinski.